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Zendesk Configuration

  • Log into your admin session on Zendesk and go the administration center (click on the four squares in the top right corner and then on admin center)

  • Go the Security tab and then on Single Sign On

  • Click on configure next to the SAML button

  • Complete the following parameters:

    • Remote logout URL:
    • Certificate fingerprint:

    • Download the certificate [here]

    • Find the certificate fingerprint by using Microsoft Management Console for example

  • In Security for Staff members and End users you can chose to activate the external authentication via SAML by checking Single sign-on and then SAML

Trustelem Configuration

  • Change the EntityID by replacing domain-name by your Zendesk domain name

  • Do the same for the Assertion Consumer Service

  • In Custom scripting, you can change the script to customize the SAML response message. For example to send a role:

  function CustomSAMLResponse(msg: SAMLResponse, user: User, groups: Groups, deny: Deny): void {