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Snowflake Configuration

  • Log into your Sysadmin or Accountadmin account on Snowflake

  • Go on Worksheets, create a new worksheet and copy this in it:

use role accountadmin;
alter account set sso_login_page = TRUE;
alter account set saml_identity_provider =
    "certificate": "MIIDUTCCAjmgAwIBAgIXXX",
    "issuer": "",
    "ssoUrl": "",
    "type"  : "custom",
    "label" : "Trustelem" 
  • Then click on Run

Trustelem Configuration

  • Copy your Snowflake account URL: it should look like this https://[account_name] or this https://[account_name].[region_id]

  • On Trustelem, paste this URL in the EntityID, do not forget the "/" at the end