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SolarWinds Cloud

SolarWinds Configuration

  • Log into your SolarWinds admin session and go to Settings > Organization Settings > Security

  • Activate SAML and fill the following fields:

    • Issuer
    • SAML URL
    • Single Logout URL
    • Certificate
    $cert = "MIIDXXX...XXXNTYw=="
  • Then go to the Role Mapping tab and write the attributes names you wish for each role (optional)

Trustelem Configuration

  • Go back to the Configuration tab, copy the ACS URL given value and paste it in the corresponding field on Trustelem

  • You can then add roles to send to SolarWinds in Custom scripting
    For example, we want users to have the member role for SolarWinds except John Doe who will be administrator.
    On SolarWinds, in Role Mapping > Organization Roles we write the value 'adminSW' for Admin and 'memberSW' for Member.

  • On Trustelem we add this custom script:

function CustomSAMLResponse(msg: SAMLResponse, user: User, groups: Groups, deny: Deny): void {
    msg.addAttr("groups", "memberSW");
    if ( == "") {