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KnowledgeOwl Configuration

  • Log into your KnowledgeOwl admin session and in Settings, click on Security

  • In the SAML SSO Integration section, click on Enable SSO and fill the following fields:

    • IdP entityID
    • IdP Login URL
    • IdP Logout URL
  • Click on Map SAML Attributes and fill the following fields:

    • Username / Email
    • First Name
    • Last Name
  • If needed, you can map other attributes and send them with the advanced settings script on Trustelem, for example:

function CustomSAMLResponse(msg: SAMLResponse, user: User, groups: Groups, deny: Deny): void {
    msg.setAttr("username", user.firstname+"."+user.lastname);
  • Download the Trustelem certificate and import it by clicking on Upload IdP Certificate

  • In Advanced Option, check the second option, Issue a remote logout request using the IdP logout URL when a reader logs out

  • You can restrict access to SSO by checking Restrict Access to SSO

Trustelem Configuration

  • On Trustelem, write your KnowledgeOwn base in the corresponding field