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Demo App configuration

  • Click on the button below to automatically setup an instance on the Demo App

  • It uses the following data:

    • ClientID: trustelem.oidc.gvrwgzdc

    • ClientSecret: f7O6M0P26EMg5oQVR9h4GZxWW2S01XYD

    • OIDCProviderMetadataURL:

Trustelem configuration

  • Setup the Scopes:

    • Scopes are the user attributes that will be sent to the application

    • If the field is left blank, all default Scopes will be allowed

    • If you want to customize Scopes, enter at least the Scope email

    • The Demo app displays both current and previous login information to see the impact of different Scopes

You're done!

  • You can now login to the application, using the user's dashboard or through the following URL: