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SmartRecruiters Configuration

  • Log into your SmartRecruiters admin session and in the Settings go to Web SSO

  • Enable Web SSO, edit the configuration and choose an algorithm and a certificate in the SmartRecruiters Configuration section, it doesn't matter which ones

  • Then fill the following parameters:

    • Identity Provider URL
    • Identity Provider certificate
    $cert = "MIIDXXX...XXXNTYw=="
    • NameID Format

Trustelem Configuration

  • On Trustelem, fill SmartRecruiters company identifier with the corresponding value


    • There isn't additional configuration for the mobile application

    • For a direct authentication, use the link:[CompanyIdentifier]/login

    • The users manually created in SmartRecruiters can't authenticate with SSO because they don't have a SSO identifier, but you can add one with the API

    • For a SSO Identifier update for existing users, all users can be changed at once by asking the SmartRecruiters support team*

Add/edit a user with a SSO Identifier using API

  • Create an API key on this page or copy the existing one

  • Then on this page paste the API key on X-SmartToken

  • To create a new user:

    • In POST/users click on Try it out and paste this model adapted for your user:
        "email": "user-email-address",
        "firstName": "user-firstname",
        "lastName": "user-lastname",
        "systemRole": {
        "id": "role-id",
        "name": "role-name"
        "ssoIdentifier": "user-email-address"
    • Execute en copy the replied user id

    • In PUT/users/{id}/activation, click on Try it out, paste the user id and execute

  • To update an existing user:

    • In GET/users click on Try it out, execute and copy the id of the wanted user

    • In PATCH/users/{id} click on Try it out, paste the user id and then the following model adapted for your user:

    [ { "op":"add", "path":"/ssoIdentifier", "value":"user-email-address" }]