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Olfeo SaaS

  • Go to your Olfeo saas subscription
  • In Configuration > Directory, make sure you have added a directory via Active Directory or Azure AD
  • Note the attribute used as the user identifier: userPrincipalName, sAMAccountName, or email
  • Edit your directory, then click Authentication.
  • Choose the SAML authentication method
  • Copy the Entity Identifier value into the EntityID field of the Trustelem application
  • Copy the Response URL value into the Assertion Consumer Service field of the Trustelem application
  • Copy the Connection URL value into the specific login URL field of the Trustelem application
  • In the field NameID Attribute of the Trustelem application, enter the value corresponding of the user identifier noted earlier
  • Download the Trustelem metadata file
  • In Olfeo saas, import the content of the downloaded file into the Supplier Metadata field