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Custom themes

The aspect of users login pages and users dashboard can be change.

The settings are done in the tab Graphical themes or using the URL:

Note: right now, this feature is not activate by default. If you want to customize your login page / dashboard, please email

What can I do?

On this page you can:

  • change the logo of your Trustelem subscription

  • create a new theme

  • import an existing theme

  • enable / download / copy / delete an existing theme


By creating a theme, you can:

  • Add some html in some specific places of the login pages / dashboard

  • Modify the CSS of the login pages / dashboard

  • Add some js script to the login pages / dashboard



How does it work?

The edit page is divided in 3 parts:

  • Login is the place used to add files (html, css, js) which modify the login pages

  • Dashboard is the place used to add files (html, css, js) which modify the dashboard page

  • Common files are all the files used by the other files, like images or fonts

    Note: you can also change the favicon of your pages by uploading here an image named favicon.ico

To add a new file, just click on +Add on one of the 3 parts. Then select the file needed or import your own file.


In order to know what does each file, you have some documentation:


Finally, if you click on the eye buttons, you will have a preview of your pages.