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Setup instructions


  • Add a Active Directory on Trustelem in order to synchronize the users and verify their AD credentials
    • Need the installation of Trustelem AD Connect to reach the AD
  • Add a LDAP/Radius proxy on Trustelem in order to allow LDAP or Radius authentications
    • Need the installation of Trustelem Connect to reach the Bastion using LDAP or Radius
    • Optional if the MFA is only for Access Manager
  • Setup the Bastion on Trustelem and Bastion sides
  • Setup the Access Manager on Trustelem and Access Manager sides
  • Define the access rules
  • Enroll/manage the 2nd factors

Setup Active Directory

Active Directory synchronization

Setup the LDAP/Radius proxy


Setup the Bastion

WALLIX Bastion

Setup the Access Manager

WALLIX Access Manager

Setup the Access rules

Access Rules

Setup the MFA