Mod Auth OpenIDC


LoadModule auth_openidc_module modules/

Use a2enmod mod_auth_openidc and restart Apache for Debian

<VirtualHost *:443>
        # Server setup
        ServerName myapplication.tld
        # ... your particular directives ...
        # OpenID Connect setup
        OIDCClientID trustelem.oidc.XXXXXXXXX
        OIDCClientSecret XXXXXXXX
        OIDCRedirectURI https://myapplication.tld/redirect_uri
        OIDCCryptoPassphrase XXXXXXXX
        OIDCScope "openid"
        <Location /sso-login>
            AuthType openid-connect
            Require valid-user
        # Specific session cookie durations (seconds)
        OIDCSessionInactivityTimeout 300
        OIDCSessionMaxDuration 36000

The OIDCCryptoPassphrase parameter is used in particular for encrypting user session cookies.


claims["attr1"] = user.firstname;

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